Thursday, October 28, 2010

The 1995 Quebec referendum ballot

A photo of the Quebec 1995 referendum ballot appears on this page.  It was black and white, with the question appearing in French on the left side and English on the right.  Empty space surrounding the question is blackened and two large equally-sized circles appear at the bottom, the top circle marked OUI YES and the bottom circle marked NON NO.

The reverse side was white with the logo of the National Assembly of Quebec appearing on the reverse (a 17-fleur-de-lys logo with the words "ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALE" appearing underneath).  An example appears here: I have never been able to determine why this logo appeared on the ballot, rather than, for example, the logo of the Chief Electoral Officer who was overseeing the vote.  The logo has not appeared on the reverse side of ballots of subsequent Quebec elections; they have been blank.

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